Experience spending the night cliffside, a thousand feet up above theVerdon !
Open to anyone from 14 years old

The portaledge is a fabric-covered platform with a metal frame,
used for sleeping on a vertical surface. It offers a safe and comfortable place to sleep for 2 people.

We provide you

  • portaledge and safety gear
  • Hauling gear and bivvy gear
  • Café-croissant for breakfast
  • You must plan

    Apéro and dinner  :

    it's possible to order food in the village

     From 14 years old, the one night option doesn't require any climbing ability, you just need to be ok with the height.

    Please contact us for the price. It's also possible to rent a portaledge for 70€/night.

    A night in a portaledge in the great walls of the Verdon,
    an unforgettable experience!

    nuit portaledge Verdon

    The "one night" option :

    nuit en portaledge Gorges du Verdon We will rig the portaledge under the edge of the Escales, Verdon most impressive cliff. We'll have diner on a ledge and then set up for the night. In the morning we'll enjoy the sunset over the Gorges with a fully exposed breakfast. A short rope ascent will get you back on your feet. We can also continue with the Cataractes course on the next day, a beautiful, exposed and demanding course across the cliff.

    Ask for booking

    The multipitch+night option

    grande voie verdon nuit en portaledgeIn a climber's life, a night spent cliffside is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We'll choose the best route according to your comfort zone (5c-6a top rope is a minimum required) We'll abseil down in the afternoon and then climb the 1st half of the route. Once at the bivvy place we'll rig the portaledge and share diner. The day after we'll climb to the top to finish around noon. We also offer aid climbing with overnight stay.

    Ask for booking

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