Take a ride on the «Route des crêtes» and stop at the view points, you will understand why the Verdon has become a unique site for its beauty but also for rock climbing. However, it is easy to feel impressed by this atmosphere and the urge to climb there can almost seem incongruous ...
We are all local climbing guides living all year round on site and have perfect knowledge of the canyon. Whether on perfectly boplted stress-free beginner cliffs or on the multi pitches routes of the Gorges, we will always be available to advise and support you, whatever your level.

We provide you

  • Climbing shoes
  • Rope, quickdraws, carabiners, ...
  • You must plan

  • You can come with your own equipment
  • Water: essential
  • Snack, in case of small hunger
  • initiation escalade Verdon

    ½ day discovery
    Gentle introduction
    on beginner cliffs

    We offer you to discover the basics of rock climbing, both in terms of body movements and rope techniques on very well bolted 10/15m high routes.
    You will learn how to tie in and belay one another, as well as different techniques to progress in a natural environment.
    With a beautiful view under the Provence sun!

    Anyone wishing to discover the activity, complete beginners or climbers with a small experience (in climbing gym for example). Accompanied children from 8 years old.

    Half day (3 hours of activity), the cliffs are never more than 15 minutes from the village by car.

     1 or 2 pers. 120 €
    from 3 people 45 € per person, equipment included.

    initiation escalade grandes voies Verdon

    ½ day of vertigo
    Discovering the exposure of Verdon!

    An incredible experience, to discover the queen of the Verdon cliff: Escalès.
    The program includes a top rope climbing on the last 30 meters of the cliff which is 250 m high here! The atmosphere is unique, the panorama lives up to the reputation of the site.
    The feeling of exposure is there, but the guide will help you overcome your fears and enjoy these legendary routes.

    Beginners with already a little experience (gym or cliff) and advanced.
    Accompanied children from 10 years old.
    Don't be afraid of height!

    Half day (3 hours of activity), the cliffs are 5 minutes from the village by car.

    1 or 2 pers. 120 €
    from 3 people 45 € per person, equipment included.
    max 5 people

    Climbing day
    Several possibilities to discover the potential of the place

    We offer you to combine a morning of discovery or improvement on a climbing school in the morning, with another activity in the afternoon, according to your desires:

    Discover climbing in the morning + full exposure afternoon:

    Climbing school in the morning to learn or review the techniques followed by a session in the afternoon "full exposure" at the highest point of Escalès!

    Climbers of any experience (on a climbing wall for example). Teenagers from 12 years old.
    Do not have fear of heights!

    Full day activity (3 hours each, lunch break at noon), the cliffs are never more than 15 minutes from the village by car.

    1 pers. or 2 €240
    from 3 pers. €80/pers.

    Equipment included.

    Discover climbing in the morning + initiation to multi-pitch in the afternoon :

    A full day to learn the multi-pitch techniques. We will teach you the basics on a climbing school in the morning, then we will climb a 100 or 150 m long route in the afternoon!

    Climbers of any experience who wants to learn and discover multi-pitch climbing. Adults only.

    1 person or 2 from 240 € **,
    from 3 pers. from 80 €/pers.

    ** the price depends on the multi pitch in the afternoon
    Equipment included.

    initiation escalade Verdon

    Multi pitch routes
    Welcome to the "Temple" of rock climbing!

    Climbing a multi pitch in the gorges, whether it is the first or the hundredth, is always a breathtaking experience.
    Here, nature has surpassed itself and the quality of the rock combined with the incredible view offer some of the most beautiful routes in the world.
    From the 90m long route for half a day to long travels of more than 300m, discover all the possibilities available for you.

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